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   *** IMPORTANT! ***
   Everyone that flies at our field absolutely must be a member of the AMA.
Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)
          5161 E. Memorial Drive
          Muncie, Indiana 47302

          (765) 287-1256, Fax: (765) 289-4248

  1. All members are responsible for enforcing and abiding by these safety rules.
  2. Safety Officers – All club members are Safety Officers. If a club member asks you comply with any safety concern, please do so. Two documented violations in any two-month period can be sufficient reason for disciplinary action, as per the by-laws. A Safety Coordinator will be appointed by the President. 
  3. Spectators are to remain outside the pit, taxi and shelter areas unless invited and supervised by a club member. Children must be controlled by a responsible adult. Any visitor who causes a safety hazard will be requested to leave the field. Club members are responsible for the safety of their guests.
  4. Authorized field use – only club members and their AMA member guests are allowed use of the field. A guest (living within 100 mile radius) may fly on only two occasions in company with a member. Club members are responsible to insure that the guest’s aircraft are in proper flying condition and that the guest’s flying abilities are consistent with AMA and Club rules. Non-AMA members may fly only in accordance with AMA “one time bases, with Buddy Box only and introductory pilot program restrictions”.
  5. All persons are responsible for their litter.
  6. Club membership cards shall be available to be displayed at all times while on the club field and shall be shown to club officials on request.
  7. No one should be allowed on the field unless they are a member or a guest of a member. You are responsible for anyone you allow on the field who is not a member.
  8. The gate – use good judgment when opening the gate. Leave it open if other traffic will be entering. The last person to leave will be sure to close the frequency board, secure all buildings and lock the gate.
  9. The pit area is not to be used for engine break-in. Use the wooden sound barrier at the south end of the pit area for this purpose.
  10. Aircraft and flying shall comply with current AMA safety codes. A current AMA card is required of all pilots and student pilots. Aircraft shall be structurally, electronically, and aerodynamically correct prior to flight.
  11. An effective silencer or tuned pipe is required of all engines of .19 cu. inch or larger.
  12. Do not start an engine without an assistant or a restraining device. Use the sheltered tables or the starting benches for repair, preparation, or engine run-up.
  13. All 72MHz transmitters should be in the designated impound area until a pilot is actively preparing for flight or leaving the field. Transmitters should have a frequency designation on the antenna. Before operating a transmitter, get the channel pin from the board, leave your membership card in the slot and attach the pin to the transmitter. Upon completion, return the pin to the board and transmitter to the impound area and retrieve your card.  Courtesy dictates that limiting of any channel for flights or training be no more than 15 minutes
  14. A maximum of 5 fixed wing aircraft are permitted in the air at one time. A helicopter does not count against this limit, providing the channel required is open.
  15. All pilots (except copter pilots) shall stand at the pilot stations and shall communicate with one another in take-offs, landings, dead stick or other flight problems.
  16. Aircraft may taxi away from but not within or into the pit area.
  17. All take-offs and landings shall be made over the runway. Touch and go’s over the runway are permitted when traffic and the situation allows. High-speed passes and acrobatics over the runway are forbidden when other pilots are on station and planes are in the air. It is recommended that pilots have observers when flying. For safety reasons, remember that shouted intentions between pilots are necessary.
  18. No alcohol is permitted at the field at any time.
  19. Only pilots and assistants are allowed at the flight line.
  20. Students and new members are not allowed to fly unsupervised until they have earned the Club Solo Certificate or are certified by one of the listed qualified instructors posted on the bulletin board. Only certified club instructors are permitted to train students.The use of Buddy Cords or wireless Buddy Control system between the student pilot and the instructor is required whenever a training session takes place.
  21. The following “DO NOTS” are simple and self-explanatory, but are just as important as any of the preceding items.
    DO NOT FLY . . .
    Within 20 feet of the pilot stations ...
    Over or near any roadway ....
    Behind the flying stations ...
    Over the spectator or pit area ...
    During an electrical storm or when one is approaching ...

HAM Field Fly Zones

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